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Our Philosophy

Chalk Point Kitchen's focus of farm-to-table practices, market inspired cuisine with multicultural influences. The restaurants integration of creative cocktail mixology, along with modern cuisine with a commitment to local, heirloom, and heritage products will help provide future guests with a unique yet comforting dining experience.

Market to Table

"The chef Joe Isidori is preparing seasonal dishes relying on the same network of Long Island farmers and fishermen he turned to when he was at South Fork Kitchen in Bridgehampton, N.Y" -

• create new cocktail bar/lounge concepts
• create new restaurant concepts
• hotel food & beverage operations
• franchise opportunities
• pop-up & satellite locations

Currently, New York is poised to see the kind of exponential growth in farm-to-table restaurants that the West Coast witnessed in the past 10 years.

Chalk Point Kitchen identifies our business and personal relationships. Our relationships with farmers, fish mongers, local purveyors, the community and our guests is of utmost importance, and they will be the founders of Chalk Point Kitchen's success.

The concepts of local, season and sustainable are easy to embrace. However, implementing these concepts "into practice" takes a great deal of knowledge. There are a number of wonderful organizations doing research, monitoring, advocating, and producing educational materials. Chalk Point Kitchen not only relies on these resources but is an active participant as well.

Our Membership Affiliates Include:

"working with local purveyors like Grand Daisy Bakery and Blue Marble Ice Cream to provide the robust menu. Step into the farm house-style eatery and come hungry, because Michelin starredexecutive chef Joseph Isidori is whipping up everything from Creamy Handmade Burrata and Thick Cut Berkshire Pork Chops to Montauk Pearl Oysters and Rhode Island Mussels (with kimchi!)."

• Our food purveyors engage in practices that protect the environment, support their works and are humane to their animals.

• We follow seafood guidelines set forth by the Blue Ocean Institute and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This will ensure that every seafood choice on our menu will 100% ocean friendly.

• An in-house filtration system will replace all bottled water service.

• Bio-fuel Recyclers will enable Chalk Point Kitchen to contribute used cooking oil to be converted into bio-diesel fuel.

• A dedicated composting program will support a healthy ecosystem.

• Wind power will be used as alternative energy source to standard power.

• Reduce, reuse and recycle programs will be part of our daily operations.

“the hyper-local Chalk Point Kitchen in SoHo (literally, almost every ingredient is sourced on the East Coast), serving uber local, farm-to-table dishes, like Satur Farm Beet Salad with Hudson Valley Bleu Cheese and Long Island-caught Rainbow Trout with Pickled Vegetables and Market Greens.” -